About Aditya Wave Marine Management

Water Transportation was the greater importance than communication by roads in ancient time. After 3000B.C sailing ships of considerable sizes were devolved, phenicians established a trading network in the Mediterranean.Indians established links with many countries in the South-East Asia by routes. The Navy used to receive importance in all coastal countries but it received further impetus after their creation of professiional British Navy by Henery III and exploration of new lands by spain and Portugals. R.Volturio gave illustration of boats(1483)with crank driven paddles wheels.Shipbuilding and Marine Enginnering got a big boost with the production of iron steel and invention of the steam engine.

onathan Bull patented a stream boat in 1737 and in 1807 regular service with stream ship began. Brunel ,Napier ,david and Robert are regarded as founder father of marine enginerring. Brunel was the poineered the use screw prpulsin.The East india Company stimulated the growth of shipbuilding industry further.

The steam turbine was installed in ship in 1897 leading to more speed Land economy. the deisel engine modern power,computer control etc.have been progressively introduced in marine engineering as innovational steps.

Salient Features

  • Good and Handsome Salary
  • Personality Development
  • Job Guaranteed & Satisfaction
  • Visiting Around The World
  • Challenges In Everyday Life
  • Physical & Mental Strength
  • Pride Of Becoming an Officer